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Welcome to LifeSci Comms Corner

LifeSci CommunicationsWelcome to our virtual kick-off of LifeSci Comms Corner!

For new visitors to our website, you may be asking – Why are you starting a blog?

We’ve been working on our blog for some time and thought there’s no better time to launch than during this time of a transformed workplace and an industry grappling with tremendous challenges. Communication is more important than ever and now is not the time to stay silent. We’re taking our own advice and launching this blog to provide insights into the communications, public relations, marketing and social media industry trends and to provide our own expert insights on healthcare and science – both rapidly changing industries that affect billions of people worldwide.

LifeSci Communications is an agency that stands at the intersection of science and communications. Our team of doctors, communications specialists and researchers wants to share our insights and make impactful recommendations for companies in the healthcare space.

In the coming weeks, expect to hear from our team of experts on the most timely, relevant and trending topics including:

– Communications

– Creative

– Digital Marketing

– Healthcare Marketing

– Industry Trends

– Media Relations

– Public Relations

– Regulatory/Policy

– Scientific Advances

– Scientific Communications

– Social Media

Do you have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered in the blog? Reach out to our Director of Social and Digital Media, Jessica, at