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Aphaia hits primary endpoint with oral glucose drug in mid-stage prediabetes trial

The idea behind Aphaia Pharma is to treat metabolic disease early enough that patients don’t progress to a type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Tessera Therapeutics: addressing Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

At Tessera, we are building a broad toolkit of Gene Writers™ to therapeutically edit the genome. Our RNA Gene Writers are designed to efficiently introduce a range of genomic changes from small nucleotide substitutions to exon or gene-sized fragments using all‑RNA compositions.

Pfizer to partner with Flagship on obesity drugs

Flagship and one of the companies it founded, ProFound Therapeutics, said today they’ve agreed to identify new obesity treatments in a collaboration with Pfizer.

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Precision Radiation Opens a New Window on Cancer Therapy

Y-mAbs’ Lu-177-based disialoganglioside GD2-targeting program is in phase 1 for small cell lung cancer, melanoma and sarcomas to determine treatment dose, sequence and spacing.

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Developing an mRNA Therapy for DMD with Elixirgen Therapeutics’ Aki Ko on Apple Podcasts

Elixirgen Therapeutics’ Aki Ko joins Erin Harris to detail the company’s Bobcat mRNA therapeutic and how it differs from traditional exon-skipping drugs and AAV-microdystrophin in treating DMD. Regarding delivery, Ko explains the advantage of the mRNA approach over the AAV approach.

Recce Pharmaceuticals’ synthetic approach to combatting AMR

Australian biotech Recce Pharmaceuticals is paving the way for a new class of synthetic anti-infectives and providing hope for those with resistant infections.

Treating immune-mediated diseases with nanoparticles

COUR nanoparticles (CNPs) induce antigen-specific immune tolerance by harnessing the body’s peripheral immune system.


Tessera unveils promising in vivo gene editing treatment for sickle cell in an increasingly competitive field: #ASGCT24

Tessera Therapeutics, a well-funded startup based outside of Boston, announced Friday that it developed a lipid nanoparticle that shuttles a gene editing therapy directly to the bone marrow of mice.