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Eying Up The Era Of Topical Biologics

Claris has found dHGF stable for three years at refrigeration temperatures and three months at room temperature


Madrigal landed a historic MASH approval. What comes next for biotechs in pursuit?

“Aligos is not only supportive of the progress this approval represents but happy to see this class validated as we begin the phase 2a trial of our own highly potent and selective THR-β agonist, ALG-055009.”

Austin American

What’s the future of health? SXSW panels talk AI, tech, personalized medicine and more

With global warming, fungi have become more adapted to higher temperatures like the human body, and with the use of fungicides in farming, fungi are more resistant to treatments.

washington examiner

Health experts at SXSW warn of possible untreatable global fungi outbreak

“Eighty percent of our crop pathogens are fungi,” said Dr. John Rex, chief medical officer for biotech company F2G. “If we’re going to produce crops, especially in these changing environmental conditions, we’re going to need fungicides.”

FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy Status To LSD Drug To Treat Anxiety

In a report on the research, the company said that a single oral dose of MM120 met its key secondary endpoint, maintaining “clinically and statistically

The future of cancer immunotherapy with Elicio Therapeutics

AMP immunotherapy enhanced the infiltration and function of TCR-T cells in the tumour microenvironment and led to epitope spreading against diverse tumour targets. Long-term protection against tumour recurrence in AMP-treated mice was associated with antigen spreading to additional tumour-associated antigens not targeted by the treatment.

James Graham: CEO of Recce Pharmaceuticals

James Graham, CEO of Recce Pharmaceuticals, shares his thoughts with BioBoss host John Simboli about leadership in biopharma and how Recce is working to develop a new class of synthetic anti-infectives designed to address the threat of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.


Grifols readies US, EU approval push for blood clot treatment after phase 3 success

Grifols is readying an approval run at U.S. and European regulators on the back of a phase 3 win for the Spanish plasma medicine producer’s concentrated form of a blood clotting factor.