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Biotech VCs Turn to Public Investments in Search of Value

Some venture firms are pumping money into publicly traded biotechnology companies, as falling share prices prompt these investors to expand their search for bargains to the public markets.


Cancer Vaccine Likely ‘Several Years’ Away From Wide Availability

A vaccine for the postsurgical treatment of KRAS-mutated pancreatic and colorectal cancers, ELI-002, is showing promising early study results — but any potential broad commercial availability of the drug is likely several years away, as one researcher tells CURE®.


Elicio’s therapeutic cancer vaccine boosts T-cell therapy response in mice while biotech awaits phase 2 data

As Elicio Therapeutics awaits a phase 2 readout of its lymph node-targeting therapeutic cancer vaccine in humans, the biotech has published fresh preclinical data showing the same tech boosted the efficacy of T cell receptor-modified T-cell (TCR-T) therapy in mice.

Lumos Pharma’s Patient-Centric Strategy for Rare Disease Drug Development

Lumos Pharma is dedicated to transforming the treatment landscape for rare pediatric diseases like PGHD. Lumos Pharma’s approach is not just about creating new drugs; it’s about rethinking the entire patient experience, prioritizing ease of use and minimizing the treatment burden on young patients and their families. Their work exemplifies a broader shift in the pharmaceutical industry towards patient-centric drug development — a paradigm that places the needs and well-being of patients at the forefront of every stage of the drug development process.

Overcoming Barriers to Adherence in HIV: A Case for an Innovative Approach to Treatment

Innovation in the HIV treatment landscape is playing a role in addressing medication adherence. In recent years, long-acting injectable antiretroviral monthly and bi-monthly treatment options have been approved – a welcome alternative for people living with HIV. We are now on the cusp of it coming full circle from the days when patients took multiple pills a day to potentially a one-and-done single-dose treatment

Precision Medicine

Elicio Therapeutics Begins Phase II Cancer Vaccine Trial in KRAS-Mutant Pancreatic Cancer

Elicio Therapeutics on Thursday began treating patients with KRAS-mutant pancreatic ductal carcinoma in the Phase II portion of the AMPLIFY-7P trial in which it is testing the cancer vaccine ELI-002 7P as an adjuvant treatment.

Infection Control Today

Revolutionary Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Treatment: A Possible Breakthrough with Recce 327

With gonorrhea’s rising antibiotic resistance, Recce 327 by Recce Pharmaceuticals emerges as a game-changer, showing 99% efficacy in preclinical trials and promising potential against antibiotic-resistant bacteria globally.

The science of ageing and restoring healthspan

Life Biosciences are specifically focused on restoring and prolonging one’s healthspan by targeting the underlying biology of ageing.