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Can gene editing drive out HIV and hepatitis viruses from inside cells?

GigaGen, a subsidiary of Barcelona-based Grifols, aims to file an investigational new drug application next year, ahead of an initial trial of its recombinant polyclonal antibody therapy for chronic HBV infection.


CTAD 2023: Grifols/Araclon Ponder Next Steps For ABvac40 After Phase II Readout

The Phase II trial was not powered to show statistical significance on cognitive efficacy, but early Alzheimer’s patients treated with Araclon/Grifols’ anti-Aβ40 vaccine had slower decline by some measures.


Orlando researchers are giving depressed, anxious people psychedelics

The study is run by Mind Medicine, a biotech pharmaceutical company seeking approval for its proprietary form of LSD.


Schizophrenia drug developer eyes late-stage clinical trial data this month

Reviva was founded in 2006 and has survived the double whammy of the Great
Recession and the Covid-19 pandemic.

SRC-3: CoRegen’s revolutionary approach to cancer

At the core of CoRegen’s technology is the profound understanding of SRC-3, the master regulator of the Treg genome, first discovered in the lab of renowned molecular endocrinologist Bert O’Malley at the Baylor College of Medicine.


The Mystery of My Burning Esophagus

Revolo Biotherapeutics, the company developing ‘1104, is seeking to leverage the bacterium’s ability to “reset” the immune system. If further human trials pan out, maybe we’re headed toward a new generation of drugs derived from our interactions with microbes that inhabit our bodies.


Vanguards of Health Care by Bloomberg Intelligence: Elicio’s Broad Cancer-Vaccine Ambitions on Apple Podcasts

Initial clinical trial data highlight the potential for a new approach to cancer vaccines to treat patients with a wide range of KRAS mutations, Elicio Therapeutics CEO Robert Connelly explains.


Why AbbVie’s former president has high hopes for this Flagship-backed biotech

The CEO of Tessera Therapeutics believes the company’s gene writing technology could eventually cure nearly any genetic disease across patient populations.