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Precision Medicine

Elicio Therapeutics Begins Phase II Cancer Vaccine Trial in KRAS-Mutant Pancreatic Cancer

Elicio Therapeutics on Thursday began treating patients with KRAS-mutant pancreatic ductal carcinoma in the Phase II portion of the AMPLIFY-7P trial in which it is testing the cancer vaccine ELI-002 7P as an adjuvant treatment.

Infection Control Today

Revolutionary Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Treatment: A Possible Breakthrough with Recce 327

With gonorrhea’s rising antibiotic resistance, Recce 327 by Recce Pharmaceuticals emerges as a game-changer, showing 99% efficacy in preclinical trials and promising potential against antibiotic-resistant bacteria globally.

The science of ageing and restoring healthspan

Life Biosciences are specifically focused on restoring and prolonging one’s healthspan by targeting the underlying biology of ageing.

The future of mRNA biology and AI convergence

In the rapidly evolving landscape of mRNA biology and artificial intelligence (AI), Anima Biotech stands at the forefront, a unique approach that reshapes our understanding of diseases and transforms the drug discovery process.


MeiraGTx gifts remaining gene therapy rights to J&J for up to $415M

MeiraGTx has handed off the remaining interests for a rare disease gene therapy to Johnson & Johnson in a deal that could reach $415 million.


MindMed achieves positive topline results in phase 2b clinical trial

MindMed has announced positive topline results from its phase 2b clinical trial of MM-120 in generalized anxiety disorder, according to a company press release.

The future of lymphoma treatment

Araris currently focuses on oncological advancements. Philipp Spycher, the Co-Founder and CSO, leads this strategic vision, driving a shift in targeted cancer therapies.

Managing Raw Material Variability for Autologous Cell Therapies

The most obvious variability, according to Akihiro Ko, CEO and cofounder of Elixirgen Therapeutics, is the disease severity and the condition of each patient.